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January 26, 2010, 1:13 am
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January 7, 2010, 7:18 pm
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I don’t design clothes. I design dreams. -Ralph Lauren

Well, yesterday morning I had my wisdom teeth removed for the new year… ugh. But the good news is, all day I’ve been online shopping and extremely excited for my purchases. The first one I found is this amazing Love Quotes scarf in Portobello. I first saw it on Lauren Conrad and then about a million other celebrities, which kind of turned me off but it looks so soft and fabulous & I love the color!

And wow.. would you look at this WildFox Couture Love Potion #9 shirt?? I was looking through my closet and I didn’t have any fun, simple tees like this, and I’m absolutely obsessed with this one. It reminds me of my favorite Chanel #9 perfume, duh! Now my favorite purchase of all are these Balenciaga knock-off motorcycle boots! They are fucking fabulous and I cannot wait to wear them on my feet!

I also snagged this cute little grey shirt and a racerback thats just super simple and chic.

Well, as soon as I get all these goodies in the mail I’ll post up some pics of me in them!!

As for 2010?! I can’t wait. My main resolution is to be happier. I want to be more confident, more weird, laugh more, embrace the positive, fill up the glass, & just be me and be happy with that!

Hope you all have some great resolutions and a fabulous 2010 wardrobe!

Until then,

Your Faithful Fashionista

shes a dreamer
December 9, 2009, 4:50 am
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well hey there, it has literally been FOREVER. i am so sorry! things have been fucking crazy around my house and school and just everything… but thats personal life SNOOZE.. onto my real life– fashion!!! I have been doing some crazy great shopping since I last wrote and I think my personal style has changed a bit :). I’ve been vintage shopping quite a bit, have gotten into boots, peacoats, the color RED, jean vests, black jeans & every once in a while some shredded ones, my favorite quirky kitty sweater, T-shirts with pockets, etc. I’ve been inspired by some of my favorite TV shows as well– True Blood, 90210, Entourage, Big Love, Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, etc. I’ve been really inspired by water as well, I’m taking AP environmental science and reading and writing a lot about deep sea adventures, and I made an aquarium! I had 3 guppies, n they had 20 babies! Then I got some bottom feeders and plants and I don’t know I just feel the ocean and fish in the clothing I wear.

Until then,

Your Faithful Fashionista

P.S. Stay beautiful! And stay tuned for more… I’m baaaaaack.


my trip to LA.
August 21, 2009, 5:36 am
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LAI just got back from LA on Monday and man… was it an awesome trip! I did so much shopping 🙂 I almost feel a bit guilty! My favorite stores were Fred Siegal, American Rag, and Alexander McQueen. Of course I wasn’t able to shop at Mr.McQueen’s store but it was amazing for browsing. My favorite buy is probably my new Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag in fuschia. It is absolutely fabulous. I bought mostly neutrals because for fall I think having neutrals with that bright handbag will be awesome. I also got a pair of big boots like Prada’s fall wader boots. They are quite fabulous and I am wearing them in the picture to the left. I loved LA! We stayed at this amazing house in Venice Beach a block from Abbot Kinney and 3 blocks from the beach. I went to this Hollywood party for a friend of mine who’s daughter is Josy Maran amazing model and actress! I met her and her amazing daughter Rumi, her boyfriend Ali, his sister who styles Britney and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O, and her sister who styles Heidi Klum. It was amazing and such a great experience. I would love to see them again and wow Josy is beautiful! By the way, her makeup line is amazing, you should check it out. Anyways, my trip was awesome, I totally apologize for the no updates recently but I’m back!! And we’ll be writing much more.

Until then,

Your Faithful Fashionista

what to wear on a girls night out!
August 20, 2009, 3:50 am
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what to wear on a girls night out!!
A good model can advance fashion by ten years. -Yves Saint Laurent
What to wear on a girls night out??! It’s definitley a challenge, but heres some ideas that I would totally rock. First, the librarian chic look. (far left: Givenchy bracelet, Nancy Caten bracelet, Dolce and Gabbana sling-backs, Miu Miu gloves, Mod Genius glasses, topshop tunic, Modax skirt)
The next is a super sleek and sexy black dress. Very classy and sexy with the classic red lips. (Bodycon dress from Oasis, debenhams stud earrings, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in red strass, and cheetah ankle boots from fabsugar)
And the last is a super sexy modern acid wash jean with a corsette. You’ll have heads turning in this outfit. (Desire corsette, J Brand acid washed jeans, Charlotte Olympia wedges, Burberry chain bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent charm bracelet, and Alex and Ani bangle set.)
Any of these looks and you’ll be the envy of every girl you walk past. TRUST ME.
Yours fashionably,
The Fashionista

beauty is only skin deep
July 24, 2009, 8:11 pm
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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahil Gibran

Richard Avedon, the famed fashion photagrapher, who’s work changed a nation, was recently tributed at the MOMA museum in San Francisco. The exhibit was very diverse and well put together. Each potrait seemed to be portrayed in the way he wanted it to be and nothing was “too risky”. Avedon had the gift of very surreal pictures. No matter how real a picture may be, somehow it could never be boring through his camera lense. He really captured the art of showing the essence of people. The beauty he saw in his portaits was no superficial, he saw things truly for what they were and wanted to capture that feeling. In each photo, you could see inside the people through their eyes, like an opening to the soul. You saw them for what they truly were. r_avedon[1] From what I saw at this exhibit, Avedon thought that things were beautiful on their own, he didn’t want any fake or superficial feelings or thoughts. He chose to use close ups most of the time because they showed the realness of people, they showed people’s flaws. He wanted to show pain, and that people were not perfect. In these pictures, I was struck by how beautiful these flaws became. He made wrinkles look beautiful, showed freckles, arm hairs, creases, lines, everything, and it was all beautiful. He embraced the simpleness and just let peopel be who they were. There were no backgrounds, no distractions, just them. He embraced people who just were who they were, cross dressers, bee keepers, body art, snake skinners, but also the regular people. The farmers, oil workers, just average people. He makes ugly seem pretty… bags under eyes, graying hairs, balding, wrinkles, scars, these are all respresented as beauty in their own ways in his photographs. He is showing who people are on the inside, that beauty is really only skin deep. He wanted to express who people were, and did so by letting them be themselves, no backdrops, no directions, just them. It is a wonderful exhibit that truly shows the art of an incredible artist who will always be remembered.

Check out this exhibit at the MOMA from July 11-November 29.

Until then,

Your Faithful Fashionista

do you toast to fashion?
July 18, 2009, 1:58 am
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“if you are not in fashion, you are nobody.” -Lord Chesterfield

well, let me just put it out there, that there are some[many] amaaazing blogs out there. but i can’t name em all! check my blogroll for some great ones and just remember that these are new blogs so be patient cuz i know they’ll blossom. but one blog, thats veryy established, is my absolute fave; fashiontoast is awesome. shes got this truly unique style and it definitley shows in her blog. just thought you all would want me to share! She definitely inspires me and godamn that girl is photogenic! Check her out. I’m telling you.

DSCF0400DSCF0412DSCF0423(american apparel sweatshirt, levi’s jean vest, american apparel dress, vintage cowboy boots, vintage jewlery, dooney & burke purse)

This is just a sort of… preview to my future posts! These pictures kinda suck but I thought you should see my style a bit, so be sure to look forward for more.

Until then,

Your Faithful Fashionista